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Online Elite Bull Sale - Friday, the 10th of March - 15:00 PM

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The sale will start on Friday, March the 10th on 15:00 / 03:00 PM CET and the lots are selling one after the other. Lot 1 starts selling at the start time of the sale, Lot 2 starts when Lot 1 is finished, Lot 3 starts after Lot 2 is finished,  etc.

Start: Friday, March the 10th on 15:00 / 03:00 PM (Central European Time)
Next lot: After previous lot has closed
Lot duration: Each lot starts with 3 minutes sale time
Popcorn minutes: 3 minutes (When a bid placed in the final 3 minutes the clock will be automatically extended up to 3 minutes again)

Read more about how the sale works here. 


The sale updates will be mentioned here and on the individual catalogue pages

Lot 5. 1st Choice Male: Silverridge Eugenio x DG Albero Elise
 - Correct GTPI of Elise's full brother: Eldorado - GTPI +2768

Lot 12. 1st Choice Dukefarm Sillian x BB Elude Memory 3-ET

  - 9 Pregnancies out of 10 implants, due: September 2017

Lot 13. 1st Choice Zimmerview Lucky PP-Red x Batouwe Salsa Aiko-Red
 - #2 confirmed pregnancies, due: September 2017

Lot 15. 1st Choice Mr Salvatore *RC x Batouwe Salsa Aiko-Red
 - #3 more implants, implanted in March 2017

 - This bull is Kappakasein BB and A2A2!!

Lot 20. Koning SHOCKWAVE 
 - Dam is fresh and looks great!
 - Additional terms: Semen requirement: 25 doses - See article 7.7

Lot 21. 1st Choice Mr. Salvatore *RC x Ms Sofias Delta Spirit-ET *RC 
 - 2 Red & CD-FREE bulls will be guarnteed! Buyer has the option to cancel

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